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Prep for Summer During the Off Season

Winter weather keeping you off your bike? Now is the perfect time to get your bicycle tuned and ready for the upcoming riding season. Stop by to find what service package is best for you!

Special rates on services packages November 01 2023 - March 01 2024

What's Included?

Road/Hybrid/Hardtail (mechanical) - $275 (37% OFF)

(Ebikes $365)

Putting your bike away for the winter? Now is the time to get your bike in shape for next season with a complete overhaul! This service package covers all road/hybrid/and hardtail mountain bikes with mechanically actuated brakes. 





Road/Hybrid/Hardtail (Hydraulic) - $295 (48% OFF)

E-bikes $405

Have a Road/hybrid/or Hardtail Mountain bike with hydraulic brakes? This package is for you! Enjoy Piece of mind with a complete teardown and overhaul of your ride; A $270 savings





Complete Mountain Bike Overhaul - $365

E-bikes $429





Deluxe Mountain Bike Overhaul - $475

E-bikes $535





ULTIMATE Mountain Bike Overhaul - $565

E-bikes $625


*Hardware and Parts Not Included In Tune Cost