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Magura MT8 Raceline Disc Brake

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The Magura MT8 Raceline Disc Brake is a high-performance brake system designed for cross country and marathon racing.

- The lever's brake master is crafted from Carbotecture SL - a composite material that is not only light, but also extremely resistant thanks to its embedded carbon fibers
- The 1-finger HC carbon lever blade is lighter and more rigid than aluminum, while also offering high braking power thanks to its ergonomic design
- The 2-piston caliper of the MT8 Raceline is forged from one single piece, offering a lightweight, high braking power and stability
- Lever can be mounted on either the left or the right, thanks to its flip-flop design
- Reach can be adjusted with a 3mm hex key
- Designed for use with Royal Blood hydraulic fluid (mineral oil based)