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Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’re lucky to be a part of a thriving cycling community.  We know that you have a choice in where you buy and service your bicycle.  Our sales and service philosophies are based on the basic ideas of listening and providing information, to help you make the most suitable purchasing and repair choices for your unique situation.  We are locally owned, and independently operated, which means that the recommendations we make and the service we provide are not informed by corporate strategies or industry trends (not that we don’t love the trends! Oh, we do.) But we are here, fundamentally, to help you get the bike you need. 

Whatever your relationship is to your bike, from the practical to the sublime, we’re here to help you elevate your cycling experience.  If your fancy is carbon fiber, or your need is training wheels, we have the selection and experience for you. At Kirkland Bicycle we believe that cycling improves our lives, and we are committed to your cycling satisfaction.